Astronaut Training, Leadership, and other activities

Marsville is a great program to use to develop teamwork and leadership in your students. It is also a great medium through which they can experience a taste of what astronauts have to go through before they can go into space. Here are some of the activities previous Marsvillers have used to acheive these goals through the Marsville program.

Engineering Activities

Mars explorers will be required to design and construct a working prototype/model of a life-support system for Canadian National Marsville. These short activities will give students a chance to work through some engineering situations before they begin.

  • Cross that Crater: Bridge Building
  • I Need Water!: Providing Water Flow from a Resevoir
  • Launch Facilities: Designing a Launch Structure
  • Move It!: Design an Energy Efficient Spacecraft
  • Planetary Shelter: Designing an Emergency Shelter
  • Radarsat Tracking Tower: Build a Model Tower
  • Rocket Power: Design a Model Launching System
  • Safety Doors: Designing Remote Control Doors
  • Stable Platform: Build a Model Platform
  • Space Shake Delight: Design a Drink Mixer
  • Space Shot: Design a Fuel Efficient Firing Mechanism
  • Weather Recorder: Build a Wind Speed Indicator

Science Activities

These experiments will help students understand the science behind living and working in a microgravity environment. Students conduct different experiments several times throughout the programme and are encouraged to create a database of the activities, note the progress of their experiments, and share the results. All these science activities can also be found on the science page organised by grade level. However, all of these activities have much to offer all students regardless of grade level, and all are usable for all middle years grade levels.

  • Bones in Space: Effects of Calcium Loss On Our Bones
  • Dizzy Feelings: Getting Used To Disorientation in Space
  • Energy From the Sun: Make Your Own Solar Array
  • Food Preservation: Using Dehydration to Preserve Food
  • Geotropism - Plants in Space: Orienting Growth in Response to Gravity
  • Gravity Tricks: Using Your Centre of Gravity
  • Monitoring Your Heart Rate
  • Settle and Separate: The Effect of Gravity on Separation of Materials
  • The Space Gardener: Creating a Hydroponic Garden