What to include in a Mission Log

The purpose

First off, what is a mission log? What is it for? The Mission Log provides a flexible structure for your students to use in order to complete all the activities they need to do as part of the Marsville program you design. The idea is that for each activity you want them to do, they need to record the date on which it was completed and get an adult to sign off that it was completed. This adult could be the teacher, an EA, a parent volunteer, or an intergalactic visitor on Link Up Day. With this design, teacher can choose whether they want all students to complete the experiments in a specific order, or if they want to allow the students to complete the experiments in any order they wish. You may also choose to include a small section of the mission log for a reflection on the activity, or make any other modifications to the log that will best fit your practices.

There is NO requirement to have a mission log. It is a completely optional part of the Marsville program. That said, it helps students keep track of what they have done and what they have left to do.

Sample Mission Logs

NRC Official Mission Log

Modified Mission Log

Mission Diary

An alternative or an add-on to the Mission Log is the Mission Diary. It is essentially a guided reflection on the experiences of Marsville. There is still NO requirement to have a Mission Diary, but it is a good way to see what the students themselves have learned. You may choose for each student to keep their own diaries, or to have one diary per team, filled out by the communications specialist, or by different members of the team each time.